Understanding Screen Damage

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   LCD Damage

LCD display screens on notebook PCs are made of two thin layers of glass with dark liquid crystal material in between. The glass is covered on the outside by layer of plastic.

Cracks in the glass cannot be felt due to the plastic covering which rarely breaks or is fractured. Customers often feel that there cannot be a broken LCD display because they could not feel a break. When the LCD display glass is broken any of the following may happen:

Lines or patterns may appear on the screen. There may be many lines or only a few lines.

Black “spots” may also appear. This can be liquid crystal material spilling out of a crack. A crack may be present which causes lines to appear but no liquid crystal spots are apparent. The spots may be small or may appear later or grow larger in time. Customers often say that there were no black spot(s) when the unit was sent for repair, so it must have occurred during or after shipment.

The screen may be totally black, however, some sort of pattern can usually be seen if you look closely.

   What do i do now?

Call us on 01823 321405 or 01392 770094 today and we will arrange the collection and delivery of your notebook.
We will supply the correct size and type of laptop screen and install it safely for you. In rare cases a slightly damaged laptop screen may be repaired onsite, but in cases where the break or crack is large, replacement may be the best option.

   Cracked Display Patterns

Cracked LCDs display a number of different patterns. The following table shows some of the common patterns.



LCD View

Horizontal and Vertical lines

Broken LCD Panel

Splotched sections

Broken LCD Panel

Black splotch with white sections

Broken LCD panel

LCD Different color or LCD around edges is discolored

This is an example of a liquid spill into the LCD. This is rare, but does happen.

Diagonal or jagged lines.

Diagonal or jagged lines always indicate LCD damage.

Black splotches cutting through the screen

This is usually referred to as bleeding or leaking” LCD. This is always considered CID

Black and white splotches with white lines

Cracked LCD

Black splotch with lines

Broken or leaking LCD.

Lines of color

Splotches with lines of color. Broken LCD

Black splotch with patterns of lines

A black splotch is accompanied by patterns of horizontal or vertical lines of varying widths and colors.

There is a black splotch on the screen with a pattern of lines.

Broken-glass lines are visible on the screen.

Black splotch with patterns of lines

Broken-glass lines are visible on the screen.

Blotches and white spots

Blotches or white spots visible on the screen.