Top 10 Laptop complaints

When you most need your laptop, the unthinkable will happen at some point:

  • The laptop screen has cracked
  • The laptop will fail to turn on
  • The laptop will not charge
  • The Hard drive has failed
  • The laptop operates very slowly
  • The laptop will not connect to the internet
  • The Laptop keys have broken
  • The Mouse doesn't work
  • The disk is stuck or not loading
  • Visual failure - black screen
Hardware Faults

What causes a Laptop to Fail ?

Many components contribute to a laptop failure but the most common are, in order:

  • Screen Damage
  • Case Damage
  • Crashed Hard Drive
  • DC Power Sockets
  • Keyboard / Broken Keys
  • CD / DVD Drive
  • Viruses / Running slow
  • Overheating
  • Soaked Laptop
  • Motherboard
Hardware Faults

Laptop running slow ?
Email spamming friends ?
Strange messages ?

We can remove the virus and make sure that you have further adequate protection. We will also give your laptop a quick service which includes clearing unnecessary start-up programmes and removing all redundant temporary files.

yes we do this Virus and Spyware detection

yes we do this Virus and Spyware removal.

yes we do this Adware detection and removal

yes we do this Operating system re-installation

Some viruses can take hours to find and remove and some result in windows needing to be re-installed. We will of course backup your data before hand. All capped at £45.

Hardware Faults

Laptop not working ?
Making strange noises ?
Strange messages ? Freezing or crashing ?

We can visit you in your home or office and quickly diagnose any hardware faults on your laptop. We can then advise on the best course of action, Whether it be a DC power socket that has failed or the motherboard, you can rest assure that you will receive a honest service.

yes we do this Quick Diagnosis

yes we do this Honest advise

yes we do this 1yr parts warranty

yes we do this Laptop health check

yes we do this Systems recovery

We operate a No-Fix, No-Fee policy so if we cannot repair your fault then we will not charge you for our time.

Laptop not booting ?
Laptop running slow ?
Blue Screen ?

We've been providing computer and laptop repairs throughout Somerset and Devon for home users and small businesses for many years now. In fact we are fast becoming the number one choice, when things go wrong.

yes we do this Operating system re-installation

yes we do this System recovery

yes we do this Computer health check

yes we do this Data transfer

yes we do this Data wipe and check

yes we do this General troubleshooting

You can be confident that we have all of the necessary skills to diagnose and repair your system, no matter what the fault may be.

Wireless devices secure ?
Broadband slowing down ?
Purchased a new modem ?
Not sure how to setup your wireless laptop or devices?

We can visit you at your home or office and install, setup and secure your equipment, whether you purchase from Infortech or another company. 

yes we do this Wireless Routers

yes we do this Modems.

yes we do this Switches

yes we do this Secure all Wireless devices

If you have ordered another broadband service and a wireless router comes through the post; what do you do with it? How do you securely connect your laptop to it?

Call us today for help.

  • Setup wired & wireless printers
  • Troubleshoot printer problems
  • File and print sharing (network sharing of devices)
  • External storage setup (HDD)
  • Data Recovery
  • Data wipe and check
  • Data Backup and transfer
  • Data transfer and check
  • Setting up email accounts
  • Import and export emails between PCs
  • Importing and export contacts
  • Setting up Email security and control SPAM
  • Internet Security
Packard Bell
  • Replace broken laptop screens
  • Visual failure
  • Power, switching off or not charging
  • Charger socket (DC Power)
  • Hard drive not working
  • Keyboard and Trackpad
  • Discs not loading
  • Damaged USB port
  • Repair problems with Windows start up
  • Stop laptop and software clashing
  • Laptop health check
  • System reset and restore
  • Troubleshoot internet connectivity issues
  • Wired & wireless (router) internet setup

Laptop Repairs in your Home or Office...

Laptop  repairs in Somerset and Devon

Windows Laptop's, Apple Mac's, Netbooks All Makes and Models repaired at the best possible prices...

  • Hardware Faults, Software Faults, Screen Repairs
  • Software problems, Windows issue's, Virus Removal
  • Data Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Wireless Setup, Wireless Security and lots more...

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